Diamond Dallas Page Flips Out and Curses at Dan Le Batard During Live ESPN Interview

Diamond Dallas Page lost his cool and started cursing at Dan Le Batard during a live ESPN interview on Tuesday.

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Diamond Dallas Page—who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last week—was a guest on ESPN’s The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Tuesday afternoon. And during the course of his interview, Dan Le Batard pressed him for details about his real-life feuds with fellow wrestlers Ric Flair and Scott Steiner.

DDP and Steiner were involved in an infamous altercation backstage at a WCW event in 2001 that reportedly ended with Steiner trying to rip DDP’s eyes out. Steiner was unsuccessful, but the fight obviously led to some bad blood between the two. And Le Batard wanted to know more about the fight and how it impacted their relationship moving forward.

"You tried to rip his eyes out!" Le Batard yelled. "Or did he try to rip your eyes ? Who tried to rip whose eyes out there? Somebody tried to rip somebody’s eyes out there."

But DDP, who is now a yoga instructor, wasn’t having it. He tried his best to steer clear of the Steiner conversation. "You can’t rev me up, dude," he said. "Are you serious?"

Le Batard responded by reiterating his question. "Who tore out whose eyes?" he yelled. "Did you try to tear out his eyes, or did he try to tear out your eyes?"

From there, all hell broke loose for a few moments. DDP started calling Le Batard "monkey" over and over again, and eventually, he started dropping F-bombs as well. Fortunately—for ESPN, at least—a producer dumped the curse words and went to commercial as quickly as possible. But in the clip above, you can hear DDP’s audio cut out and see the reactions on the faces of Le Batard and his crew as DDP loses his cool.

Le Batard Show listeners were entertained to no end by the interaction, and even though this looks like the type of thing that is going to lead to Le Batard receiving a sternly-worded letter from one of his superiors, it made for great TV and radio (according to those who heard it on the radio, DDP's first "f*ck you!" came across loud and clear).

No word yet on if Le Batard will find a way to release DDP’s rant in its entirety—we’d guess no—but you can probably imagine the kinds of things DDP said to Le Batard when he pressed him for more info on the Steiner situation.

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