Watch ESPN's Dan Le Batard Shut Down a Troll Who Told Him to Teach His Dad to Speak English

Dan Le Batard went in on a troll who ridiculously told the ESPN host to teach his dad how to speak English.

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Dan Le Batard’s Highly Questionable is one of the best shows on ESPN right now. It’s partly because of the excellent chemistry that Le Batard and his co-host Bomani Jones have, but it’s also partly—and maybe mostly—because of the role that Le Batard’s dad Gonzalo "Papi" Le Batard plays on the show. Papi is known for providing comic relief on HQ, and in the past, Le Batard has talked extensively about how he sees including his father, who is a Cuban immigrant, on the show as a way of paying him back for all the hard work he did to get Le Batard to the point he is at today. In this terrific piece from back in 2011, Le Batard revealed why having his dad by his side is such a blessing.

With all of that being said, it seems stupid, not to mention insensitive, to take shots at Papi if you’re a listener of The Dan Le BatardShow—which is Le Batard's ESPN Radio show—but it sounds like more than a few people have done it in the past. On Monday’s show, Le Batard said that people routinely tell him to teach his dad to speak English, and he proceeded to tear down a troll who said it to him today. He hit him with the perfect response, too, and it took him less than 30 seconds to do it.

"A tweeter writes in, 'Hey, fat face, can you teach your father English please?'" Le Batard said. "That one happens all the time. My father came to this country not speaking any English. He’s got a Master’s degree in industrial engineering. He is doing television and radio with me in his second language. He’s smarter than you are."

Boom. That probably won’t stop people from writing the same old crap to Le Batard on Twitter, but if they’re really looking for an answer from him, all they need to do is watch the video above. Take that, trolls.

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