Derek Fisher Posts Mother’s Day Message for Matt Barnes’ Ex on Instagram

If Derek Fisher is trying to make Matt Barnes hate him more, he’s doing a great job.

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If Derek Fisher is trying to make Matt Barnes hate him more than he already does, he’s doing an excellent job.

Early yesterday, Barnes wished his ex-fiancée Gloria Govan—the mother of his twin sons Isaiah and Carter—a Happy Mother’s Day on Instagram. The two have had their fair share of differences in the past, especially when it comes to Govan’s romantic relationship with Barnes’ former teammate Fisher, but he put those differences to the side for a moment to thank her for “raising two beautiful happy intelligent little boys” in an IG post that included a photo of Govan and Barnes’ sons:

About ten hours later, Fisher did the same thing. After reportedly taking Govan and the twin boys to see the new Angry Birds movie, he also posted a photo of Govan and the boys on IG along with a Mother’s Day message for Govan:

Predictably, Twitter lost it after seeing the message. Some people called Fisher out for putting up a post featuring Govan and her two kids when he has four kids of his own, including a set of twins, with his ex-wife Candace:

Derek Fisher has no fear for posting that pic with Barnes kids

— Martin Brian Ansah (@DaAnsahonSports) May 9, 2016

Others asked what Fisher was trying to accomplish by putting the post for Govan up:

And everyone else pulled out their best “Matt Barnes is going to beat Derek Fisher’s @$# again!” jokes. Here are some of the craziest reactions to Fisher’s IG post:

How did Fisher not know that this would be the reaction he would get? Or maybe he did and he just didn't care. Either way, we’ll be sure to let you know what Barnes has to say about all of this the next time he hops on Instagram. He hasn't been shy about expressing his feelings for Fisher in recent months, and we imagine he'll have more to say about him soon.

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