DeAndre Jordan Is Officially the New King of NBA Postgame Interviews

DeAndre Jordan did a Marshawn Lynch impression during a postgame interview last night.

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Over the last few seasons, Heat forward Chris Bosh has been the NBA's reigning king of postgame interviews thanks to his videobombing skills. But because the Heat have struggled at times this season—and because that guy that Bosh would rather not talk about doesn't play in Miami anymore—Bosh hasn't gotten the opportunity to do too many of them. So this year, the king of the postgame interview is…

DeAndre Jordan! So far, we've seen DJ forget a question during a postgame interview because 2Pac was playing at the Staples Center and sing Jamal Crawford's praises during an interview that he wasn't even supposed to be involved in. And last night, he took things a step further after scoring 22 points, grabbing 27 rebounds, and blocking three shots during a Clippers win over the Mavericks. He showed off a spooky Marshawn Lynch impression, jumped around with Matt Barnes, and even included his mom in his postgame chat with a sideline reporter.

Unfortunately, the Clippers haven't won many games lately, so we haven't gotten the chance to see DJ do many of these interviews. But we expect more from him in the future and can't wait to see what he's going to do next.

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