DeAndre Jordan's post-game interviews following Clippers' games are starting to become legendary, aren't they? Last week, he forgot a reporter's question right in the middle of an interview because 2Pac was playing over the speakers at the Staples Center. And last night, he managed to provide another memorable moment during an interview, even though he wasn't the player who was actually being interviewed.

Jamal Crawford played a hell of a game for the Clippers last night, scoring 23 points and making this save to help Los Angeles knock off the Nuggets 102-98:

So after the game, he was asked to talk about his strong performance. But as he talked, Jordan decided to interrupt his interview to sing his praises. And when we say "sing his praises," we mean that Jordan literally sang his praises by singing, "Sixth maaaaaaaaan of the yeeeeear," into the mic before walking off and allowing Crawford to get some shine.

You can watch Jordan showcase his vocals in the video above. What's this guy going to do during a post-game interview next?

[via SB Nation]

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