No, Ciara Is Still Not Having Sex With Russell Wilson: "We're Hanging in There"

In case you were wondering, Russell Wilson and Ciara still aren't having sex.

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Question: Do you really need to know about what Russell Wilson and Ciara are doing behind closed doors? No, you don't. What they do is their business, and we should probably all just stay out of it.

At the same time, the Seahawks quarterback pretty much opened both himself and Ci-Ci up for questions about their sex life—or lack thereof—when he talked openly about them practicing abstinence earlier this summer. So when Ciara sat down with Sway for an interview on Shade 45 recently, she was forced to talk about not having sex with Wilson for what seemed like the 4,763rd time in the last two months.

"We're hanging in there," she admitted. "We're doing alright."

Sway then proceeded to ask her a really strange question about her "Dance Like We're Making Love" music video as it relates to what her first time with Wilson will be like (fast forward to the 8-minute clip of the video above to hear it). And...yeah. Ciara was kind of like, "Really, Sway?!"

We get that Wilson and Ciara brought these kinds of questions on themselves, but we also think we could probably do without too many more of them. We already know way too much about Wilson and Ciara's relationship, don't we?

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