Chargers Reportedly Willing to Trade Philip Rivers to Titans for No. 2 Pick

Is Philip Rivers really headed to the Titans?

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Earlier today, published a story about the potential Philip Rivers-to-the-Titans trade that's been floating around out there for a few days now. In the piece, several NFL general managers said that they don't think Rivers is going to end up being traded.

However, it sounds like there might be something to it. Rivers is reportedly not on board with the Chargers' plan to possibly relocate to Los Angeles in the next year or two. And as a result, he's been unwilling to sign a contract extension with the team. So according to Bleacher Report's Jason Cole, San Diego is seriously considering trading Rivers to Tennessee in exchange for the No. 2 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. The Chargers would then use that pick to select Marcus Mariota.

For what it's worth, Cole doesn't say that this is a move that's definitely going to be made. So if you're a Titans fan, you probably shouldn't get too excited (or too angry, if you happen to hate Rivers) just yet. But you should obviously continue to keep an eye on this situation.

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