Bulls Trade Derrick Rose to the Knicks

The Bulls have traded Derrick Rose to the Knicks in exchange for a package that includes Robin Lopez.

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The Cavaliers might be celebrating their 2016 NBA title with a parade through Cleveland right now, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the NBA is just sitting back and watching them take a victory lap. There are numerous teams trying to work out trades at the moment, and according to reports, there have been two pretty major trades made over the last few hours. The first deal involves the Hawks, Pacers, and Jazz and will see Jeff Teague land in Indiana:

But the second trade is the one that everyone is going to be talking about for the rest of the day. The Bulls have traded Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday, and a 2017 second-round draft pick to the Knicks in exchange for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, and Jose Calderon:

The deal shouldn't come as a huge shock as there were reports about the possibility of this trade circulating last Friday. But it did kind of come out of nowhere on a day when most NBA fans weren’t expecting to see much more than the Cavs’ celebration.

The Knicks confirmed the trade with this tweet:

The Bulls took to Twitter, too, to thank Rose:

Here are some reactions to the trade, which are, predictably, all over the place:

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