Boris Diaw Put Dirk Nowitzki on Skates Twice Last Night

The Mavericks star couldn't stay on his feet.

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If we asked you the question "Guess who made Dirk Nowitzki fall twice during last night's Mavericks/Spurs game?" it would probably take you a looooooong time before you landed on the name Boris Diaw. With all due respect to the San Antonio big man, he's one of the last guys on the Spurs roster that you'd expect to put the moves on Nowitzki and force him to fall.

But during his team's first game of the season, Diaw made Nowitzki fall once in the first quarter while driving by him to the basket:

And then, he made him fall again just a few minutes later at the beginning of the second quarter:

To be fair to Dirk, he didn't really fall because of anything that Diaw did. At least, we hope that's not why he fell. It looks like he was either the victim of moisture on the floor or slippery sneakers. But WTF? Chalk this up as something that we did not expect to see on the NBA's opening night.

[via SB Nation]

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