Bob Costas Took a Shot of Vodka in the Middle of a Show Last Night (Video)

Down the hatch.

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Bob Costas could really use a drink. He's in Russia right now for the 2014 Winter Olympics—and both of his eyes have turned pink thanks to some kind of nasty infection that he's currently dealing with:

So during last night's Olympic Late Night show, Costas decided to have a drink. After NBC Sports reporter Mary Carillo finished a report about vodka production in Russia, Costas asked her to raise a glass with him and do a shot. "My eyes can't get any redder, no matter what I do," he joked.

And then, they did a shot together, even though Carillo seemed tentative when it came time to do it:

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Go ahead and have another one, Costas. After the last few days, you deserve it.

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