Bob Costas Throws a Shot at 50 Cent and His Crappy First Pitch (Video)

Bob Costas explains why 50 Cent didn't get a second chance to throw out his first pitch.


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Earlier this week, legendary broadcaster Bob Costas threw out the first pitch before a St. Louis Cardinals game. And it was…not good. It was actually so bad that Costas asked for a do-over and, on his second attempt, he was a lot more successful.

So when TMZ caught up with Costas recently, they asked him about his first (and second) pitch and wondered why other celebrities haven't gotten the chance to ask for a re-do after throwing out crappy first pitches. And Costas responded by throwing a shot at 50 Cent and his infamous first pitch.

"50 Cent couldn't have done better because he can't throw a baseball," he said (fast-forward to the 2:07 mark of the video above to hear him say it). "It was gonna go sideways again...I knew I could do better because I had done better my whole life. And then I did."

Damn, Costas. Shots fired. You do know that 50 is on a tear right now and dissing Floyd Mayweather, right? You better be careful before you end up being next.


[via TMZ]

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