Blake Griffin Knows How the NBA Can Fix the Slam Dunk Contest

He offers up some pretty solid advice for the league.

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The NBA Slam Dunk Contest happened more than 48 hours ago. And yet, people are still complaining about it. At this point, we've heard just about everyone chime in with their advice on how to fix the dunk contest to make it more exciting next year (the key fix? Add LeBron!). But, until now, no one thought to ask a former Slam Dunk Contest champion like Blake Griffin his opinion on making the contest better. So ESPN's Arash Markazi snagged him to get his take on it—and he offered up some really practical, sound advice for the league. Mainly, he talked about how the NBA itself needs to ease up on all of the league-mandated requirements surrounding the contest that make players think twice about participating.

"It's an all-day deal Friday and it's most of the day on Saturday and you're there all night," he explained. "You have to leave the hotel three to four hours before and you're taking pictures and doing all this stuff and guys just want and need a break. It would be great if you could just go out there and [dunk] but that's not the case. You don't see all the behind-the-scenes stuff...I would suggest not making it so demanding. People think it's just the dunk contest and you just go out there and dunk but that's not the case. You have to do the practice Thursday night and Friday and all this stuff."

Wow. That's the best argument we've heard yet. And it sounds like something that could easily be fixed by the NBA if they want to improve the dunk contest and attract marquee names to participate. Now, let's just hope David Stern and the rest of the suits in the NBA's corporate office take BG's advice seriously.

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