Bill Belichick and Tom Brady Both Dressed Up for Halloween This Year

Belichick recycled his costume from 2009.

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If you had to guess two guys who are in the NFL right now who you think would not dress up for Halloween, who would they be? One guy we would definitely guess would be Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. That guy barely gets dressed up for games! So why in the world would he dress up for Halloween? Another guy that we would probably guess would be Tom Brady. Brady is arguably the best quarterback in NFL history. So getting dressed up for Halloween? Nah, son.

And yet, photos of both Belichick and Brady dressed up for Halloween emerged on Instagram last night. Belichick went to a Halloween party dressed up as a pirate—which, it should be noted, is the same thing he dressed up as back in 2009—while Brady went to a party dressed up as the lion from The Wizard of Oz (check out his photo in the thumbs gallery). Strange? Um, yes, especially since Belichick is actually smiling in his costume, which is just about the weirdest thing we've seen all week.

Then again, maybe this isn't too strange. After all, Belichick and Brady are both pictured hugged up on their significant others in their costumes. So maybe this is just further proof that guys, all guys, will do just about anything if wifey asks them to do it. Even if those guys just so happen to be two of the most decorated men in the NFL.

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