Broncos Player Aqib Talib Says He Spent More Than $400,000 on His Recent Wedding

That’s one expensive wedding.

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Last month, Broncos player Aqib Talib got married, and he invited pretty much everyone in the entire NFL to his wedding. Seriously, there were sooooooo many celebrities there. So as you’d imagine, the wedding wasn’t cheap. At all.

Earlier today, Talib appeared on ESPN’s His & Hers, and he revealed that the original budget for the wedding was $300,000. But after a bunch of last-minute changes—and apparently, a bunch of last-minute additions to the guest list—Talib says the wedding ended up costing more than $400,000.

Super Bowl champ @aqibtalib enjoyed talking about his recent nuptials with @themichaelsmith & @jemelehill

— His And Hers (@HisAndHers) April 11, 2016

“The final tally was like $420,000,” he said. “We started at like $300,000. We started at $300,000, and we ended up at $320,000 or $420,000 or something crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I was mad at the wedding planners. I was kind of being rude to them just because, ‘How we get $120,000 over budget?’ But when I walked in and I seen that reception room, I just had to say, ‘I ain’t mad no more.’…Money well spent.”

$400K for a wedding is obviously a lot of money, but it’s worth pointing out that Talib signed a six-year, $57 million contract with Denver back in 2014. It’s also worth pointing out that he made about $100,000 on top of his existing salary for winning the Super Bowl last season. But still, $400K? “Crazy, crazy, crazy,” indeed.

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