For Some Strange Reason, Andre Agassi Just Explained Why He Spent His Career Playing Without Underwear

This is the very definition of TMI.

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Want to know why Andre Agassi spent most of his career playing without underwear? OF COURSE NOT. But in an Unscriptd video that was just released, Agassi explains it anyway.

The legendary tennis player says that, during the French Open one year, he forgot to bring underwear with him to a match. His coach offered to let him borrow his, but…ewwwwwww! So he was forced to play without any. He won that match and then the match after it and the match after that one and, well, you see where this is going. Not wearing underwear turned into a superstition—and apparently, he still follows that superstition today.

"I went out to play the first round of the French Open against a real tough opponent who was playing some of the best clay court tennis in the world there that year, and I realized when I got into the locker room and was getting ready that I had forgotten my underwear,” Agassi says in the clip above. “My coach wanted to lend me his, and I was like, ‘Sorry, man, I’d rather go commando than wear your underwear.’ I actually played the first round with no underwear, and I played so well that I proceeded to not wear underwear the rest of the tournament. And then I won the tournament and then proceeded to not wear underwear the rest of my career. I’m actually not wearing underwear now, if you’re curious.”

No, we weren’t. But thanks! This entire post is the very definition of TMI.

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