This Might Be the Only Way Drake Could Beat LeBron on the Hardwood

2K Drake is unstoppable on the basketball court.

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In real life, Drake is pretty "meh" on the basketball court. While we’ve certainly seen rappers who are waaaaaaay worse than Drake at hooping, he’s no Quavo. After all, Drake’s biggest claim to fame as far as basketball is concerned involves shooting an airball.

But 2K Drake? Oh, 2K Drake is nooooo joke.

YouTuber Shady00018—who has shown us what would happen if LeBron James and Steph Curry squared off in a wrestling match in the past—took it upon himself to insert Drake into NBA 2K18 just to see what would take place. And apparently, if Drake was a playable character in 2K, he would have absolutely no trouble sticking a J in Steph's eye (after hitting him off with a bunch of crossover moves, no less), windmill dunking all over Kevin Durant, and making LeBron look like a little kid in the paint. 2K Drake is pretty much the 2K G.O.A.T., and as you'll see, even his celebrations are on point!

Of course, 2K isn’t real life, so you’re going to find yourself laughing at just about every improbable move that 2K Drake pulls off in the clip above. But that doesn’t make what Shady00018 was able to do here any less impressive. In fact, the only thing better than the video itself is the commentary the video is provoking on Twitter at the moment. Check the comments out for yourself below—right after you get done watching Drake put Joel Embiid on a poster!

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