An 11-Year-Old Boy Points a Toy Gun Out of a Vehicle and Causes a Three-Car Crash (Video)

Can you believe that this 11-year-old boy was able to cause a three-car crash by using a toy gun?

Earlier this week, an 11-year-old boy caused a three-car crash in Milton, Wis. But he didn't do it by getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and driving. Rather, he did it by pointing a toy gun out of his grandmother's car—and nearly killing several people in the process.

On Tuesday night, the boy—who has not been identified because of his age—was pointing his toy gun out the window while his grandmother drove when a woman who was driving nearby slammed on her brakes because she thought that the boy was pointing a real gun at her. As a result of her sudden stop, another car crashed into her and then collided with an SUV head-on. Two people suffered minor injuries in the three-car crash and all three vehicles sustained pretty substantial damage.

And the craziest part of all? When police tracked down the boy's grandmother a short time later at a campground, she had absolutely no idea that the accident had even taken place. But because it did, there's now a chance that her grandson could be placed on probation for disorderly conduct. What a way to cause a car crash.

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[via Fox 8 Cleveland]

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