Optus Snatches EPL Broadcast Rights, but How Do We Watch It?

Optus score the broadcast rights for the English Premier League, but provide no info about how fans will watch it

Optus have announced they have acquired the exclusive rights in Australia to broadcast the Barclays Premier League for three seasons, starting with the 16-17 season in August 2016.

The move has enraged Fox Sports subscribers, who are angrily asking how the Foxtel network allowed themselves to be outbid for the globally-supported competition. The Financial Review however has suggested the EPL wasn't a particularly big money-earner, and that Optus' bid was more than double the amount Fox Sports is currently paying for the contract.

While the fans throw barbs at Fox Sports via social media, they'll soon be asking themselves how exactly they'll be watching games in August 2016, as Optus Vision folded in 2009. It's likely Optus may simply stream the games via Fletch, or less likely, lease the broadcast rights back to Fox Sports.

Optus have reportedly got their eye on the NRL, and only two weeks ago became Cricket Australia's mobile streaming partner.



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