Raptors Global Ambassador Drake Predicts Warriors Will Go Back to Back

At least he's keeping it real.

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The Warriors might become back to back champions. That prediction is probably an open secret in the NBA, meaning it's thought but not spoken on.

However, Drake decided to outright say that he thinks the Warriors will be champions again. Mind you, this is the global ambassador of the Raptors, and the comment comes during the same weekend that Toronto hosts its first All-Star Weekend.

In "Summer Sixteen," he mentions having "Golden State running practice at my house." CSN's Rosalyn Gold-Onwude asked Drake if the line possibly foreshadowed another Warriors championship.

.@Drake explains"Golden State running practice at my house"+Warriors could go "Back to Back"https://t.co/SS64ecvDyF pic.twitter.com/0oXEnXWY7I

"I don't seen anybody else beating those guys to be honest with you," Drake says. "Reluctantly yes, it's going to be a back to back."

Drake has been pro-Warriors for a while. He released "0 to 100" — in which he lies about being Steph Curry with the shot — during the summer before Golden State had its championship season. 

It's worth noting Drake is also personally close with Curry, and not because he's hoping on the bandwagon (although that might be part of the reason).

"One of my closest friends — he's also my assistant — his cousin is Ayesha [Curry]," Drake explains.

Watch the interview for CSN Bay Area here. The comments start at the two-minute mark.

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