Adam "Pacman" Jones Rips Amari Cooper's Helmet Off, Bashes His Head Against It, and Avoids Ejection

Another bad look for Pacman.

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Rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper got himself a nice story to tell his kids when his career is over: I remember in my first game, some crazy-ass cornerback decided to tear off my helmet and ram my head into the ground. I was like, "Wut?"

Good story to tell, but not great to experience. Adam "Pacman" Jones lost his temper (again, but we'll get to that later) and attacked Cooper in the sight you see below.

But what's crazier than the scene is how Jones still stayed in the game. The referees decided not to eject him. And it's not even a question of intention; the referees were right there when Jones straight-up bullied Cooper.

Jones' reputation isn't great. He was caught on camera getting into an altercation with a woman, reportedly threatened a Jets player, and was infamously at the center of a strip club incident that got multiple people shot. He even threatened Ludacris.

The NFL should have something to say about this latest on-field incident.

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