The NBA Playoffs According to Drake Lyrics: Raptors Rep Hometown by Beating the Nets

Of course, Drake was present—maybe omnipresent—in Toronto and Brooklyn's Game 2 matchup on Tuesday.

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"I just gave the city life, it ain't about who did it first/It's 'bout who did it right, niggas looking like, 'Preach'"

Brooklyn and Toronto faced off in their Game 2, and once again their contest was decided by the last few minutes and the aging body of Paul Pierce. Also, some more Drake.

Drake, who was sitting at courtside, exhaled at just the right moment to throw off Pierce's potential game-winning three-pointer with under 25 seconds left in the game. The Nets ended up losing 100-95 thanks to Champagne Papi's antics.

Conspiracy aside, the raucous energy throughout the game and after it was clinched showed that the win was something for the city of Toronto to be proud of. The Raptors weren't even supposed to lose last game because of how poorly Brooklyn shot (4-for-24 does not look good on any stat line on any profession whatsoever), but this time they made the Nets pay for their underwhelming shooting performance.

As Demar DeRozan celebrated his 30-point flourish, Pierce had to go into a grumpy old man rant for a little bit. "We gave them everything they wanted, 50 points in the paint, and [19] offensive rebounds," Pierce said after the game. "We were a soft team tonight." The Truth is the league authority on softness.

Anyway, the Nets are aggy right now, and so is the similarly aged Wu-Tang Clan. Brooklyn was a shit storm during the earlier stages of the season but eventually got it together. Inversely, the Wu-Tang Clan's 20th anniversary plans went straight downhill with the group currently in disarray. Now, Raekwon is on strike and it's like, yo, can you even do that?

Meanwhile, the younger Raptors, like Drake, are flourishing for at least two more days and have the momentum heading into Brooklyn. Past issues like the rocky start to the season and the "Wu-Tang Forever"-related shaming are non-factors. As for the latter part, come on folks. Was Drake expected to tough posture when the track title was announced?

"Criminology rap" is out for now. Respect the lint roller.

(Also, if we could enact a rule for Drake to breathe softer during the closing minutes of this series' games, that would be cool. Sincerely, a Nets fan).

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