J.R. Smith Costs Knicks the Game Against Houston Because of a Bad Three-Pointer (Video)

It was a bad shot at a bad time.

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The Knicks had their small come-up moment yesterday when it shocked the Spurs in San Antonio with a 105-101 win. That could've turned into a streak with a win against Houston if some people made the right call (evil glare at J.R. Smith).

Tyson Chandler grabbed the rebound after a missed corner three by Beno Udrih, which gave New York the possession with the shot clock off in the game's final seconds. This should've given New York the final chance to break the tie at 100, but Smith—being the shooter that he is—wasn't patient and decided to shoot an immediate three. It misses, Houston gets sent to the line, Knicks lose 102-100, and the Twitter slander starts immediately.

Gotta cop my J.R Smith nickname jersey now! pic.twitter.com/kMhYJkljd2
This dude J.R Smith lol... Should've stayed ballin' in china where his sis was choking ppl out.
J.R. Smith is leading the league in mental errors......
Knicks Fans Watching J.R Smith Take that Shot Like...... pic.twitter.com/UBIMwPPRmC

As for why Smith took that shot:

J.R. Smith says he thought the Knicks were down 2 when he took the ill advised three. "That's bad basketball IQ on me," he said.

Well, at least he tried to be clutch.

UPDATE: Smith isn't going to ether any critics on Twitter tonight. He admitted he screwed up.

Bone head play! Slander well deserved!
Got to get this one on Sunday! #TheMakeUp

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