Finger Guns Cost Gerald Green a $25,000 Fine

Don't use "menacing gestures" on the NBA court.

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People tend to think it's only the NFL who's crusading against all forms of fun. Not the case. If Kevin Durant can't figuratively (or fingeratively?) slit his own throat, then a non-MVP like Gerald Green certainly can't use finger guns during an NBA preseason game. Green committed the heinous act during a game against the Wizards.

Gerald Green's shooting celebration

It didn't take long for the NBA to hit him with the $25,000 fine.

Heat guard Gerald Green fined $25K by NBA for "making menacing gestures on the playing court during game" on Wednesday vs. Wizards.

The friendly atta boy gesture you give to an overachieving co-worker is a "menacing gesture" on the NBA court. Them's the breaks.

[via Jeff Zillgitt]

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