Dolphins and Colts Could Look Into Signing Sean Payton After This Season

Will Sean Payton be wearing another logo by 2016?

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While the Saints snatched a great overtime win against the Cowboys last Sunday, they're still 1-3 in a division where the Panthers and Falcons are undefeated. While Sean Payton is good at his job, his contract with the Saints is still going to end by 2017. That's good news for teams in need of a come-up.

Adam Schefter reports that teams are expected to look into nabbing Payton after the season is over.

Multiple teams, including Miami, expected to inquire about Saints' HC Sean Payton’s availability after this season, per league sources.

The Colts and Dolphins are two of those teams, according to Pro Football Talk. The Dolphins looked so inept these past four weeks that they've fired head coach Joe Philbin. The Colts aren't that bad, but they're not as good as they ought to be. Plus, Chuck Pagano's contract doesn't run past this season.

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[via Adam Schefter]

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