Capitals' Goalie Gets Manhandled in Line Brawl With the Flyers (Video)

It's a bit uncalled for too.

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Washington was beating Philadelphia, 7-0. That sounds like a very crappy NFC East matchup, but in this case it's the score of a one-sided contest between the Capitals and Flyers. Washington's goalie Braden Holtby was putting in work and ended up with 30 saves, while the opposing goalie, Ray Emery allowed four goals. Guess which one decided to take out his frustration when a line brawl started in the third period?

Obviously it was Emery, but the way he went about it was kind of ridiculous. The goalie skated all the way across the ice to meet Holtby, who was clearly trying to avoid the fight. Emery and Holtby then fought...if you call Emery assaulting a near defenseless Holtby fighting. Despite getting the crap kicked out of him, Holtby was able to walk away with the eighth and probably the most painful shutout of his career. One commenter noted his performance was particular impressive because "Holtby faced 27 shots on goal and 30 to the back of the head." Behave yourself, Internet.

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