Former NBA Player Josh Jackson Faces Civil Suit After Woman Accuses Him of Raping Her in Hotel Room

A former first-round pick for the Phoenix Suns, Jackson has been accused of sexual assault, battery, and orchestrating an armed robbery.

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Josh Jackson, a former 2017 first-round pick for the Phoenix Suns, has been accused of sexual assault, battery, and orchestrating an armed robbery in a federal lawsuit.

The Kansas City Star reports a woman identified only as Jane Doe has accused the former University of Kansas star of raping her at a New York hotel room last year, before sending two women to break into her apartment to threaten her.

Doe and Jackson met at a Super Bowl afterparty thrown by then-Brooklyn Nets center Andre Drummond, in New York in Feb. 2022. At the time, Jackson was a member of the Sacramento Kings.

After meeting at Drummond's party, Doe and Jackson went with a group of friends to a nightclub. After she got home, Doe claims Jackson texted her around 3 a.m., asking her to “come through.” Jackson also allegedly messaged her, “I got $1,500 for you if you pull up.”

Assuming the party was still going on at Jackson's hotel, Doe accepted an Uber ride that Jackson paid for, though she didn't accept his offer of $1,500. After consuming more alcohol at Jackson's place, Doe says she fell asleep and woke up after Jackson allegedly "ripped open" her clothes and raped her. Doe subsequently ended up “passing out from the trauma, confusion and horror of the rape."

Josh Jackson is alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman in a New York hotel last year and subsequently sent two women to intimidate her by breaking into her apartment

After a night out, Jackson allegedly texted her, inviting her with "come through" and offered "$1,500 if you…

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A few days later, Doe began receiving threatening text messages alleging she stole a watch from Jackson. Later that day, Doe awoke from a nap as two hoodie-wearing women, one of which appeared to be holding a gun, broke into her apartment, before they robbed her and threatened her with murder. Doe claims the robbery was orchestrated by Jackson. The women were later apprehended by security and arrested by the NYPD.

Doe's complaint against Jackson is a civil suit and does not involve criminal charges. Instead, she is seeking damages from Jackson and the two women who allegedly broke into her home.

“This case is not about money for the (woman),” Doe's lawyer, Seamus Barrett, told The Star. “It is about making sure the defendants, including Mr. Jackson, are held to account for their outrageous and unlawful actions.”

Meanwhile, Jackson’s attorney, John Lauro, claims the allegations “very serious, albeit entirely false,” and said Jackson “emphatically denies” the charges.

“Mr. Jackson will vigorously contest these allegations in court and looks forward to the truth being fully told," Lauro added.

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