Draymond Green's Mother Stands Up for Son After Jordan Poole Altercation: 'That Wasn't a Sucker Punch'

Draymond Green's mother has never shied away from defending her son, so it's hardly surprising she did so following his altercation with Jordan Poole.

Draymond Green and his mom celebrate after the 2022 NBA Finals

Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Draymond Green and his mom celebrate after the 2022 NBA Finals

Draymond Green’s mother, Mary Babers-Green, has nevershiedaway from standing up for her son on social media, so it’s hardly surprising she came to his defense this week following his altercation with Golden State Warriors teammate Jordan Poole.

On Tuesday, Draymond’s mom hopped on Twitter to share her thoughts on the incident. As reported by NBC Sports, Babers-Green shared a few tweets before deactivating her account. 

“They can get beyond this. Anything is fixable! Everything ain’t always what you think you see!” she wrote, suggesting that her son and Poole will be able to mend their relationship.

In a subsequent tweet, Babers-Green denied Draymond sucker punched Poole.

“That wasn’t a Sucker punch,” she claimed. “Dray didn’t aggressively go to Poole. His hands were down. Man to Man you go over to talk (to ask what’s up, what you say)! Got shoved and reacted.. End of story!”

Before deleting her Twitter account, Babers-Green said, “Enjoy Twitter- I’ll just leave the chirping for the birds and let ’em tweet! I’m going to deactivate this app so no one can say what I think or believe! I hope it can work itself out for the betterment of the Dubs!”

Footage of the scuffle, which took place last Wednesday, surfaced on Friday, resulting in Draymond announcing plans to step away from the team indefinitely.

In a clip leaked to TMZ, Green and Poole are seen exchanging words before Draymond approaches Jordan, who pushes his teammate away. That leads to Green punching Poole in the face and taking him to the ground. The two are quickly surrounded by teammates and coaches, who break up the fight.

After issuing a public apology to Poole, his family, and the Warriors organization, Draymond announced his plans on Saturday.

“I’m going to continue to stay away, as I’ve been away, and continue to do work on myself, but also just give guys space,” Green, 32, told reporters. “I do want to give my team some space, I want to give Jordan some space, and then also take a few days and continue to work on myself…take some time to let everything breathe.

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