A Congolese women’s soccer club has landed itself in hot water after attacking a referee for missing a penalty call. 

The incident took place during a recent game in the Democratic Republic of Congo city of Lubumbashi, between female soccer clubs DC Motema Pembe and Mazembehas. DC Motema Pembe was trailing 5-1 in the match, when a referee failed to call a penalty in their favor.

Footage of the moments that followed his decision has made its way onto social media, and sees the referee getting attacked by players from DC Motema Pembe in an effort to protest the his failure to call a penalty.

The short video begins as the referee is running across the field in an attempt to avoid the players from DC Motema Pembe. After taking shelter in a tent on the side of the field, the referee is encountered by the herd of women, many of which punished the official by throwing a melee of punches and kicks.

Watch the bizarre incident in the tweet above.