Charles Barkley Asked if He’ll Slide Into DMs Now That He’s Finally Joined Instagram: ‘I Don’t Even Know What That Means’

The Hall of Famer announced that he'd finally joined Instagram during Thursday night's episode of TNT's 'Inside the NBA' after years of saying he'd never have social media accounts.

Charles Barkley wearing a suit and headset, smiling while sitting courtside at a basketball game
John W. Mcdonough / Sports Illustrated via Getty Images
Charles Barkley wearing a suit and headset, smiling while sitting courtside at a basketball game

After years of mocking social media, Charles Barkley has finally joined Instagram.

On Thursday's edition of TNT's Inside the NBA, Barkley's co-panelist Kenny Smith put Chuck on blast by revealing that the Hall of Famer is officially on social media.

"I'm trying out social media," Barkley said, prompting Shaquille O'Neal to point out that he's spent years saying he'd never do it.

When asked what led to his change of heart, Barkley replied, "It's for business purposes."

From there, the Inside the NBA crew gave Barkley a crash course on what it means to slide into someone's DMs. "I don't even know what that means," Charles said when host Adam Lefkoe brought it up.

Chuck finds out what "sliding in the DMs" means 😂

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Shaq trying to get Charles Barkley to promo OnlyFans when he tweets 💀

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In the past, Barkley had never shied away from criticizing people who use social media.

At the 2017 NBA Awards, the former MVP told Page Six social media is where "losers go to feel important."

“I never worry about social media because I think it is one of the worst things that have ever happened because it gives every fool in the world an opinion on everything,” Barkley told the outlet. “Their opinion does not matter to me because their life is unsuccessful."

He added, "Just because you live in the basement with your grandmother, sitting in your underwear, and then say something about anybody does not make you important or significant. You should be out there working, making the world a better place.”

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