In a recent episode of The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone, Chicago Bulls guard Patrick Beverley revealed why he avoids sex the night before games.

At around the 1:09:50 mark of the podcast, Beverley was asked “how much sex is too much sex,” and admitted he doesn’t get intimate when he’s got a game the next day. “So I don’t have sex the night before games,” he said. “I wanna have fresh [legs]. Wifey gonna kill me, though. But it be hard, though, because you got game every other day and shit. So when I was in L.A., like… I don’t wanna get too deep on it, but, hey wifey.”

Beverley’s latest comments come about a month after he joined his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls, following a stint with the Los Angeles Lakers that lasted less than a year. On an episode of his podcast last month, he suggested that he personally requested the trade. "All that shit was my decision," he said. "So, you gotta think, I’m making the decision, it was my decision, they honored my request, but at the same time, I’m sitting here without a home.”

Elsewhere in the episode, he spoke about the move to the Bulls and made it clear he’s happy with the team so far. “I play a bad game with Chicago, I ain’t gotta look on Twitter and hear, ‘He’s a bum, get him outta here!’” he said. “Like, I was hearing taht shit in L.A.”

Check out the full episode of The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone below.