Justin Fields Tells NFL Teams He's Managing Epilepsy Ahead of Draft

Former Ohio State University quarterback Justin Fields, a top prospect in the upcoming draft, has told NFL teams that he’s managing epilepsy.

justin fields

Image via Getty/Kevin C. Cox

justin fields

Former Ohio State University quarterback Justin Fields, a top prospect in the upcoming draft, has told NFL teams that he’s managing epilepsy, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports. 

Per Rapoport, Fields informed the teams during the pre-draft process. “It has not affected football & doctors believe he’ll outgrow it as his other family members have,” he continued. Fields was reportedly first diagnosed when he was a child, but his symptoms have been shorter and less frequent as he’s gotten older, indicating that he could grow out of it sooner rather than later.

Team medical staffs have reportedly had conversations about Fields’ treatment plan if they were to draft him, and whether or not life as a NFL QB could put him at even greater risk. Throughout his college career, Fields hasn’t missed single game. He’s been taking his medication, and has not had any recent issues, which would suggest epilepsy is unlikely to impact his future prospects. Regardless, it will certainly be on the minds of teams looking to draft him next week. 

Per Bleacher Report, Fields’ half-sister Kennedy, with whom he was very close, suffered from epilepsy and died suddenly from a seizure when she was 21. 

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