Baker Mayfield Joins BodyArmor as Spokesperson and Stakeholder, Gives Tour of RV

Baker Mayfield expands his business reach.

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Baker Mayfield has been in the spotlight recently for a number of reasons. The Cleveland Browns quarterback is one of the reasons Browns fans believe this NFL season could mark a huge turnaround for the team. He also made headlines after he was spotted chugging a beer during a game between the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels. Now, he's joined BodyArmor as a spokesperson and stakeholder.

Joining other athletes who are aligned with the company, which includes the likes of Kobe Bryant and James Harden, Mayfield is now putting his chugging skills to other uses. Speaking about the partnership via Fast Company, Mayfield said, "One of the first people involved with BodyArmor was Kobe Bryant, someone I’ve always looked up to mentality-wise, in terms of competing, really being who you are, and working for your success."

He added, "So all of that coming together made it the right fit. Then, the opportunity to be an investor is a great fit and feels natural."

To coincide with the announcement of the partnership, Mayfield has given a tour of his RV, which BodyArmor is also sponsoring. 

"Nowadays, some of the deals look corny and forced, and that’s not what I want to do," Mayfield explained. "So when I’m picking something brand-wise or a sponsor, it has to be a natural fit and feel right. But I’m very patient. I’m not going to jump at a cash deal. It’s got to be the right thing. If I’m going to make a deal, it has to be something I truly approve of and use, and I can be proud to say I do use it."

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