The Signature Plays of Paul Pierce's Career (Video)

Highlighting the greatest moments of The Truth's career.

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Paul Pierce has shown why he's "The Truth" time after time. The Boston Celtics have been called old and tired all year but have looked like the exact opposite so far during the 2011 playoffs. Looking to avenge a 4th quarter ejection (the fix was in!) during Game 1 vs. the Heat, expect Pierce and the Celtics to come out and prove a point tonight. We take a look back at The Truth's career highlights to gear up for Game 2 vs. the Heat, tonight at 8 PM ET.

Pre KG/Ray-Ray Swag

DATE: 4/27/2003
COMPLEX SAYS: True, the Celtics didn't achieve their recent run of success until Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen arrived to give Pierce a boost in 2007, but it's not like dude didn't have his of playoff success before the arrival of the other two. In addition to this classic clip of him talking the talk and walking the walk, Pierce led Boston to the Eastern Conference Finals in '02.

D-Wade, You Need More People

DATE: 4/23/2010
COMPLEX SAYS: And this is Exhibit A why D-Wade recruited LeBron and Chris Bosh so heavily this past offseason.

Back in the Day

DATE: 1995-1998
COMPLEX SAYS: At KU, Pierce played alongside Jacque Vaughan, Raef Lafrentz, and Scot Pollard, and...damn. Forget what they did in college, which one of these cats is not like the other when it comes to NBA success?

Fake It Until You Make It?

DATE: 6/5/2008
COMPLEX SAYS: If he's on the other side, you're gonna hate this dude, but if he's on your team? Well, you might still shake your head at the carted-off-the-court-come-jogging-back-on theatrics, but you'll take the W (and the Finals MVP) any time. #nowillisreedthough

You Are Wrong, No Doubt About It

DATE: 2/13/2010
COMPLEX SAYS: With Kenny Smith saying "He's not gonna win this contest" and Charles Barkley arguing that Pierce isn't one of the 10 best Celtics of all-time (yo Chuck, Dennis Johnson? Really?), The Truth just went out and got the job done. Must be hard for Barkley to talk so much with that many championship rings on his fingers. Oh wait...

You've Been Pierced (Pause)

DATE: 1/17/2011
COMPLEX SAYS: Best pump fake in the game? Jason Richardson thinks so.

Cutting the Nets

DATE: 3/14/2011
COMPLEX SAYS: To be fair, this nifty little two-piece was perpetrated on Sasha Vujicic and Kris Humphries. Not exactly Jordan and Russell when it comes to defense, but hey, you play the opponents on your schedule (no matter how "challenged" they may be).

Grown Man Sh*t

DATE: 1/2/2011
COMPLEX SAYS: Ha! Dude is 33 years old in this clip. Guess folks just don't respect the young like they used to.

4 the Hard Way

DATE: 6/5/2008
COMPLEX SAYS: Was it a walk? Yeah, probably. Perhaps not entirely within the bounds of good sportsmanship? Pretty certainly. Is Paul Pierce a gamer, and do you want him on your team. Yes, and yes again.

Who Did You Think Was Gonna Take the Shot?

DATE: 4/29/2009
COMPLEX SAYS: Paul Pierce is clutch. He's been clutch, and always will be clutch (provided he's not been banished to the locker room). KG is KG, and Ray Allen is Ray-Ray, but if you're playing the Celts and the game is on the line, here's a bit of advice: Double Pierce. Like, now.

CB4, U Been Posterized

DATE: 11/27/2009
COMPLEX SAYS: Pierce just doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would be able to throw down facials like this. He looks kind of old and goofy, to tell the truth. But what he lacks in style, he more than makes up for with good old fashioned mean. CB4 just might get another foot to the gut in the current series, too.

Don't Call It a Rivalry

DATE: 12/16/2010
COMPLEX SAYS: Is Celtics-Knicks a rivalry? Uh, sorry Knicks fans, maybe next year. And here's the difference between the two franchises in a nutshell: Paul Pierce sheds defenders (and overly exuberant ex-Knick teammates) to hit the winning shot. The Knicks (in the form of Amare Stoudamire) get off really pretty looking jumpers...that don't count.

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