Video: Watch Stan Van Gundy Completely Play Dwight Howard In Front of a Group of Reporters

The countdown to Stan Van Gundy's firing begins now.

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We reported the news of Stan Van Gundy confirming Dwight Howard wants him fired and Dwight's attempt to dispel his coach's words earlier. Now video has surfaced of one of the most awkward interviews in recent memory.

During an interview at this morning's practice, Van Gundy told reporters that somebody in Orlando management had confirmed to him that the rumors about Howard wanting Van Gundy fired were true, and saying that the one thing he can't abide is "bullshit." In a perfect "speak of the devil" moment, Dwight walks into the snake pit trying to act nonchalant, while Stan calmly walks away like a true G. Dwight then begins to make a fool of himself for two brutal minutes of lightning round questioning. When reporters told him of what was just said, Dwight asks, "Who are your sources?" Um, your coach, who was just here. SMH. 

The Orlando Magic front office did this to themselves. This is what we had a lockout for?

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