NFL Draft Pick Laremy Tunsil's Twitter Hacked, Shows Him Smoking Out of Gasmask Bong (UPDATE)

His draft stock may or may not take a nosedive.

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UPDATE 4/28/16 10:36 PM: It seems like the same person that hacked into Tunsil's Twitter has done the same to his Instagram which has since been deleted.

The posts are screenshots of conversations between what appear to be Tunsil and Ole Miss staffers that show the standout asking for help paying bills for himself and his mother. They appeared just minutes after he appeared on stage to shake Roger Goodell's hand as a member of the Dolphins. He also admitted to taking money from Ole Miss in an interview before it was cut short. See below:

Welp, looks like Ole Miss O-Lineman Laremy Tunsil has more to worry about than just his father trying to sue him. A few moments ago someone hacked his Twitter account and posted a video of the projected Top 10 pick smoking out a gasmask bong.

If any of you are stoner and have tried this apparatus know, you'll be able to testify that this move is wild aggressive. Tunsil is No. 1 on most draft boards and some have him going as early as the sixth pick to the Baltimore Ravens. Will this hurt his draft stock? Do scouts and GMs even Twitter? Will soon find out.

In the meantime, keep consuming the devil's lettuce as you watch the draft, it's the only way to get through it. Shouts to Uncle Chaps and his access to sources.

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