Troll Tide: 'Bama Fan Sits in a Handicapped Spot With a "YOLO" Vanity Plate

You're Only Late Once

Image via Joey_T on Twitter / Requested Credit

Sometimes trends take longer to reach the South (not a shot, just facts). It looks like the phrase "YOLO" (You only live once) just reached the state of Alabama because this University of Alabama supporter is proudly sporting a vanity plate with the acronym. And this isn't one of those front bumper plates, either. This guy (or gal) really went for it. The only thing worst than a plate that says YOLO would be one that says "SWAG" or "CLUTCH." Actually, the latter would be kind of funny with an automatic transmission, right? No? Nevermind.

There is an obvious joke here that references the fact that a "Roll Tide Roll" plate is sitting in a handicap spot...but we're better than that. That's not how we roll. 

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