Marvin Bagley III Challenges Damian Lillard to Rap Battle

Lillard said he's ready.

marvin bagley damian lillard

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marvin bagley damian lillard

At this point, people should know not to challenge Damian Lillard. The Portland Trail Blazer has ice in his veins as any Oklahoma City fan can tell you, but that didn't stop Sacramento Kings star Marvin Bagley III from coming for Lillard's neck over one of his favorite extracurriculars: rapping.

On Thursday's episode of First Take, Bagley said that he's down to go head-to-head with the sometime rapper any time. The callout came after the show's hosts asked who the best spitter in the league was. 

“Man, me. Me, man. I love music, I love music, so I’m gonna go with myself," he said, before laying out a challenge to Lillard. “Yeah, for sure. Whenever, wherever. I’m with whatever. I make music, it’s something I love. So we can see.”

Damian didn't like the choice of venue, but told Bagley that he'd be glad to see if the young Kings power forward can keep up.

A short while after sending out the tweet, Damian officially accepted the challenge by dropping "MARVINNNNNN!!!???" Head here to listen

Neither player got within spitting distance of mentioning Lonzo Ball, who is one of the most prominent remaining player-rappers. This probably has something to do with Zo making Soundcloud rap that's less animated than the type made by 16-year-olds on Long Island Iced Teas made of fentanyl, lean and rare flavors of Fanta.

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Lillard is easily the most accomplished NBA rapper running, having released two full-lengths and torn up Sway in the Morning with a particularly nasty freestyle. If Bagley wants to take him on, he'd do well to hit the film room and give this clip a few spins. 

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