Antonio Brown and Eric Weddle Trade Shots on Twitter

It seems like Antonio Brown has a lot of time on his hands.

Antonio Brown

Image via Getty/Michael Reaves

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is still causing headaches for NFL secondaries, even if he's nowhere near the field. The disgraced wide receiver, who was recently released by the New England Patriots, has been going back-and-forth with L.A. Rams safey Eric Weddle on Twitter. 

It all started when Brown tweeted out a loaded Lil Wayne quote, saying that the game needed him to come back. Golden Tate shared the post incredulously, to which Weddle replied with a hard pass. 

When a fan replied that Weddle could't guard Brown, he snapped back that he doesn't have to guard Brown, because Brown is unemployed.

AB had heard enough and jumped on Weddle's statements. 

Weddle responded by telling Brown that he's too busy working to worry about him. Brown took offense to his familiar tone.

Weddle came back one more time, to which Brown asked the safety to stop thinking about him so much. 

Brown then shared two photos of him beating Weddle on the field. 

Brown was released from both the Raiders and the Patriots this season for different reasons. Pats owner Robert Kraft reportedly pushed to remove Brown from the team after sexual assault allegations surfaced. He was met with resistance from both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, according to NBC Sports' Tom Curran

Curran shared that Brady felt Brown was a class above any receiver he'd ever worked with and disagreed mightily with Kraft's decision to cut him. The reporter shared that Belichick accepted Kraft's call but did not appear enthusiastic about letting Brown walk. 

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