Lakers Fan Injures Himself Trying to Hit $55,000 Half-Court Shot

The fan's condition is currently unknown after his unfortunate injury on Sunday.

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A Lakers fan left a game on Sunday with an injury and without a hefty cash prize.

A man named Anthony (not to be confused with Anthony Davis) was at the Arena ready to take on a shooting contest for a cash prize of $55,000 if he could make a half-court shot.

"This is what I do," said Anthony to the in-arena host before making his attempt.

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In the footage making the rounds, Anthony’s feet barely left the ground as he made a failed shot, and the arena audibly reacted. He was then seen stumbling to the end of the court before falling to the ground, clearly in pain.

After getting back on his feet with help from the announcer, Anthony was offered an opportunity to shoot from the three-point line, but it was clear he was too injured to continue.

The incident had fans flocking to social media with their reactions, with some expressing shock, others believing the incident was a prank, and some simply enjoying the memeability of the ordeal.

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It's not clear what the man's current condition is, nor if he signed any liability wavers ahead of the failed shot.

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