Kirk Cousins Gifted Kohl’s Cash Chain After Being Told He Looks Like He Shops at the Department Store

It’s unclear if the chain is redeemable at any of the department store's retail locations.

Patrick Mcdermott / Getty Images

Kirk Cousins is taking the Kohls Cash joke up a notch.

The Vikings QB appeared on Peyton and Eli Manning’s Manningcast, a live broadcast of ESPN’s Monday Night Football and showed off a sparkly Kohl’s Cash chain.

“Kohl’s did send me a chain, it’s the only one I’ve ever really gotten of Kohl’s Cash,” said Cousins during the program. “I’ve never really rocked that but I keep that in the closet just in case.”

Cousins then took to his X account on Tuesday to offer a better look at the large chain.

Giving the fans what they want… the @Kohls Cash chain.

— Kirk Cousins (@KirkCousins8) December 12, 2023
Twitter: @KirkCousins8

You just know this dude is rolling in Kohl's Cash.

— Dana Wessel (@DanaWessel) September 12, 2022
Twitter: @DanaWessel

The accessory was inspired by a long-running joke from a viral meme in 2022 where Cousins, donning a collared, short sleeve dress shirt during a press conference, was clowned for “rolling in Kohl’s cash.” 

Cousins, who suffered an injury to his Achilles and underwent surgery for a damaged fibrous card that connects his calf to his heel bone, told the Manning Brothers that he is taking his recovery "one day at a time," according to Sports Illustrated.

"They told me that the rehab would be like the stock market where you're in a general trend up but some days are better than others. I joke with them that since surgery it's been a bull market," he said. "I'm just getting better every day and kind of waiting for that bear market and it hasn't happened yet."

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