Robert Griffin III Surprises Ecstatic Cleveland High Schoolers

RGIII is already making the fans in Cleveland happy.

New Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III surprised students at North Ridgeville High School, located in suburban Cleveland, in a major way on Wednesday. The students initially thought they'd heard the best of the surprise when the Browns announced they were donating $25,000 in new helmets to the high school's football team.

However, when the helmets were revealed on a "mannequin," Griffin sprang to life and shocked two football players who assisted with the demonstration. He took off his helmet, revealing his identity, and the room of students exploded.

Of course, they celebrated with a Running Man Challenge video.

That moment when @myUHC, @UHhospitals and the #Browns provide new helmets for your team#RunningManChallenge #give10

Though Griffin will have competition for the job – namely from former USC quarterback Cody Kessler, whom the Browns selected in the third round of last weekend's draft, and veteran Josh McCown – he is expected to start for the Browns this year. Cleveland fans, understandably worn out from The Johnny Manziel Experiment, are excited to have Griffin, who was run out of Washington in favor of Kirk Cousins.

Griffin was outstanding as a rookie in 2012, throwing for 3,200 yards and 20 touchdowns and rushing for 815 yards and seven touchdowns, but he injured both his LCL and ACL at the end of the year. His game spiraled downward, and he had a falling out with the Washington organization.

Griffin signed a two-year, $15 million contract with Cleveland March 24. The Browns insist they have an open competition for their starting quarterback position, but Griffin is the clear favorite.

"Robert understands – and we had extensive conversations with him throughout the process when we had him in for a visit and prior to signing him – about where he is in his career," Cleveland's vice president of football operations, Sashi Brown, told ESPN Monday. "I think he's very realistic about that. He's very serious about competing.

"We look forward to giving him an opportunity to do that here. There is no reason he can't, but this is going to be a competition. We would not have made the investment we made in him if we didn't feel like he was capable of being our starter."

Browns offensive lineman Cam Erving – a 2015 first-round pick from Florida State – also assisted with the surprise. You can check out the footage above. 

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