Now Lakers Fans Are Using Billboards to Recruit LeBron James

The NBA's fan bases are jockeying to win King James' attention.

David Richard
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David Richard

Hey, here's some breaking news: LeBron James, the best basketball player alive, has the opportunity to become a free agent this offseason.

King James' three-year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers includes a player opt-out clause before year three. He can choose to either stay with the Cavs or test the market.

Many reports have indicated he plans to test the market. Though the Cavs remain a serious contender, LeBron has also been linked to the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Philadelphia 76ers. These teams' fan bases are doing what they can to recruit the 33-year-old.

Late in February, a Philadelphia company purchased three billboards in Cleveland urging LBJ to sign with the 76ers. Now, there are billboards popping up in L.A. 

The first billboard reads, "Cleveland and Philly, you can't compete with L.A." under the hashtag #LABron. The second invokes the same hashtag and states, "Forget the process, we win banners!"

The LeBron billboards are spreading west! #LABron

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The ads state they were paid for by, which appears to be the site for a Los Angeles-based law office.

The LeBron billboard war continues ...

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LeBron has been linked to Los Angeles for more than a year. Many felt the Lakers' trade-deadline deal with Cleveland was driven by a desire for the Lakers to clear cap space so they could pursue two max free agents, such as LeBron and Paul George or DeMarcus Cousins, this offseason.

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