Browns Fan Starts GoFundMe to Pay For Therapy For Cleveland’s Next Top Draft Pick

A Cleveland Browns fan has started a crowdfunding campaign to support the Browns' next top draft pick.

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Ah, poor Cleveland Browns fans. The Johnny Football disaster goes without saying, but that’s just one of many Cleveland draft trash fires in recent memory. Consider the 2012 draft, in which the Browns acquired Trent Richardson, Josh Gordon, and Brandon Weeden.

Well, one fan has had enough. He’s seen one too many lives ruined by being drafted by the Browns, and he is taking a stand. That fan has started a GoFundMe page for the Browns’ top draft pick tonight.

No, seriously.

“By donating today we can send flowers, and possibly provide a therapy session for the player who is inevitably going to be a shell of his former self by the end of the night,” the fan writes.

Though his goal of $100 is modest, the campaign has currently raised only $20. And though it’s unlikely this money would actually make it to the athlete who is selected, as the GoFundMe organizer writes, “At the very least it will be used as a bar tab at a Browns Backers bar to quell the tears of grown men and women on a Sunday afternoon.”

Again: poor Cleveland fans.

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