Despite two major losses to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving took it upon himself to promise doubters that he and the Brooklyn Nets will be Finals contenders. 

Irving took to Instagram on Saturday where he posted a message that seemingly alluded to his team's post-season success.

"We will be on that stage. The stage where the 'best of the best' meet....You know, the main stage," Kyrie wrote in the post. "Where those who can do, and those who cannot talk about those that are doing. If you rolling with us, great. Let's rock. If know you want to talk about our greatness anyway!!!!!!!"

Durant also commented on his post.

The Nets became shoo-ins to win the Eastern Conference once they made a monumental trade that added James Harden to the Big Three of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Yet, when Harden arrived in Brooklyn, Kyrie was taking a personal leave of absence from the team. This set the stage for KD and Harden to rekindle the connection they created during their Oklahoma City days. 

Irving returned to the team ahead of their match-up against the Cavs. Not only was this the franchise where Kyrie made a name for himself and became a champion, but it was also where the Nets sent some of their players in the three-team deal to acquire Harden. As a result, a lot of eyes were on the Nets' Big Three debut and the trio disappointed. 

They fell to the Cavs in back to back games, letting Colin Sexton go off for 42 points in their first match-up. Kyrie was able to put up 37 and 38 points in the respective games, but this wasn't enough to overpower one of the NBA's lesser teams. This moved fans to cast off the Nets as another failed super team. 

Despite this, Kyrie is confident that they will work out their kinks. In fact, he thinks that anyone throwing a stone at them should first check to see if they're standing in a glasshouse.

"Don't judge others without first judging yourself," Kyrie added on his IG Stories. "There is no strength without knowing thyself."