Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Dez Bryant caught heat online Thursday, after he tweeted his support for Tory Lanez amid online speculation that charges filed by Megan Thee Stallion were dropped—a report that was later confirmed as not true.

"Salute to a real 1 @torylanez," he wrote.  

Bryant then began responding to people on Twitter, falsely claiming that the charges against Lanez had been dropped. 

When he was informed that the charges were not, in fact, dropped, he added, "Well if they aren't I'm going to hold off on my judgement... I understand the media... I pray for justice for the innocent." 

After the person continued to grill Bryant on his tweets, he added, "I didn't ask you to educate me on shit... I wasn't looking for it... you invaded my space." He made further thinly-veiled threats, even offering to "find a date" to confront the person replying to him. In his final tweet directly addressing the situation, he said that he's a fan of Tory Lanez, but "if the man shot a woman he wrong no buts about it." He continued, "But if you think I'm going to dislike somebody without the facts... go ahead and hate me... social media has taking away a lot of people self control."

On Thursday (Jan. 21), a false report circulated that Megan Thee Stallion had dropped her charges against Tory Lanez. The news has since been confirmed as fake, and Megan directly addressed the situation in a series of tweets. "My story not changing and bitch you going to jail," she wrote. 

Bryant meanwhile, received plenty of criticism for his comments, with many people bringing up his history of domestic violence. In 2012, Bryant was arrested on a domestic violence charge after he allegedly struck his mother. 

See reactions to his support of Lanez below.