Drew Lock has come under fire for reportedly violating the NFL's mask-wearing protocols, leading the league to bench all of Denver's quarterbacks for their game against the Saints. As it would with many parents, this outrage prompted Lock's mother to defend her son and share the "truth" about the situation. 

On Monday, Laura Lock took to Twitter where she released a statement condemning critics for targeting her son.

"Shame—shame on the many for thinking that they can speak of others in damning ways," she wrote before explaining how Lock's work ethic combined with poor communication by the organization created this error. "Here is the truth—Drew and the QB room requested permission to watch film. They came to the facility on their own time to put in more work. His leadership, which seems to be in question by some, brought them to this predicament; Drew asking for more commitment of his QB room than just a normal NFL day. Drew and the QBs even requesting a room at the facility rather than risking 'trouble' and meeting an off-campus site."

She went on to state that the four players tested negative for COVID-19 the same day they were watching film. She admits Lock and his teammates did not wear masks when they were in the room, but contends this is merely a mistake and not something that should be used to judge their character. 

"They let their guard down, they did not wear masks the entire time they were in their socially distanced environment.... it's unfortunate—not damning," she continued. "Does Drew take this virus serious? Ask his sister who visited and had to quarantine and test before arriving. Ask his girlfriend who he has asked not to travel to away games. Ask his Dad and I who stay in a hotel on game weekends rather than his home. ... Oh, and by the way, he does not have COVID—he wasn't the one with COVID and as I pray nightly, I hope he doesn't, nor anyone else, get COVID. Let's interrogate those in the NFL that do have COVID—how safe were they being?"

Following the Broncos' 31-3 loss to the Saints, head coach Vic Fangio said that Lock did a "commendable" thing by wanting to review film instead of taking the day off. The NFL's harsh ruling against the Broncos comes after the league fined the Saints $500,000 and stripped the team of a 2021 seventh-round draft pick for violating mask protocols a week prior.