Right from the very beginning when they rode double-decker buses from Naples to Orlando with "Black Lives Matter" painted across the side, the Raptors set the tone for where they stood in the fight against racial injustice.

Beginning with VanVleet and Powell and trickling all the way down the player list, everyone made sure their voice counted when they had the platform to speak. Before the Milwaukee Bucks refused to step on the court to strike in light of the shooting of Jacob Blake, the Raptors already discussed striking in unison with the Celtics ahead of their playoff series.

Nurse was a supporter of his players throughout and has created action through programs to help Americans living abroad to vote and understand the importance of the upcoming election. Ujiri has and continues his own personal fight against racial injustice with the ongoing case against Alameda County sherriff’s deputy Alan Strickland, but has also expressed his desire to ensure local Canadian issues are brought to light even with the Raptors done playing basketball.

It is still unknown when fans will finally be allowed back in arenas to cheer on their respective teams, but whenever they do, they’ll be back knowing there’s much more to be proud of than just what they accomplish on the court.