Though activism within the sports world isn't a recent phenomenon, it still garners a considerable amount of controversy. Just look at the backlash that ensued when Colin Kaepernick ignited the #TakeaKnee movement in 2016.

However, as the calls for social justice become increasingly louder in wake of George Floyd's murder, a growing number of NFL players have been moved to use their platforms to promote some much-needed change. This topic was recently addressed in The Narrative: Kneeling—a five-minute video in which players explained their initial views on #TakeaKnee and how they think the 2020 season will play a role in the nationwide racial justice movement.

The mini-episode, released by the NFL Players Association, includes remarks from Dolphins' Bryon Jones, Vikings' Ameer Abdullah, Titans' Doug Middleton, and Texans' Michael Thomas, who is also a member of the NFLPA executive committee.

To add to the video, players will wear special shirts when they take the field for Thursday's season opener. The shirts will read “INJUSTICE AGAINST ONE OF US IS INJUSTICE AGAINST ALL OF US," on the front, and “END RACISM" on the back. According to The Undefeated, they'll be worn by every player before every Week 1 game.

You can watch The Narrative: Kneeling above.