Three-time Grand Slam tennis champ Naomi Osaka is making bold fashion statements with her protective mask gear, centering social activism sentiment at her forefront in a literal way. 

"I'm done being shy. It's really a waste of my time," tweeted in May. "I could've shared so many ideas by now, I could've had convos with so many different people." Throughout her time at this year's US Open, Osaka put her new lease on life on display, honoring seven victims of police brutality by having their names on her mask. On Saturday, Osaka defeated Victoria Azarenka in three sets to capture her second US Open title. 

After her victory, Osaka was asked what was the message she wanted to get across with her masks. "Well, what was the message that you got was more the question," she responded. "I feel like the point is to make people start talking." 

While the stands for Osaka's win were mostly empty, her boyfriend Cordae was in attendance to cheer her on, in a shirt that read, "Defund The Police." 

The moments between Cordae and Osaka only became more endearing (and relatable) when it came time to snap a photo.