After debuting his Kobe Bryant tribute track as Dame D.O.L.L.A. in NBA 2K21, Damian Lillard has now shared the full song on streaming services.

Simply titled "Kobe," the song sees Lillard highlight what the late Lakers legend meant to him. Accompanied by Derrick Milano and Snoop Dogg, the song is hard-hitting but emotional. "Rest in peace to the Mamba and baby Gigi/Still remember where I was standing after the 3-peat," he raps. "'Fro was lined up yelling 'Kobe!' but playing Pee Wee/When you know they shoot the freebie right after they tear achilles, killer."

Prior to the arrival of the track, Lillard opened up about why he decided to record it for NBA2K21. "When I found out I was gonna be on the @NBA2K cover the same year Kobe was on the legends cover, I decided use my access to the 2K soundtrack to pay tribute to Kobe through music," he wrote.

Alongside his tweet, he shared a clip of Bryant praising Lillard's skills on the court. "That boy's serious, man," said Kobe in the video. "He's not afraid of anything."

By the time the game hit stores and fans had a chance to hear his tribute, he thanked everyone for their support.

Listen to "Kobe" above.